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Farnsworth Audio and Consulting

Image by Gabriel Tovar

Our latest review from a special client!

"Farnsworth Audio is the dealership I've been looking for! Mike's a pleasure to work with, extremely knowledgeable and supremely helpful. I consider him a partner in my audio journey and highly recommend Farnsworth to anyone looking to take their system past their expectations."

David Weil
Dallas, TX


For Audiophiles by Audiophiles

Farnsworth Audio Dealership is committed to deliver the best audio products for your optimal listening area.

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"You’ve heard the saying, “This DAC, preamp, amp etc. was the biggest change to my system in years.” Well, one of my biggest finds in audio has been Mike with Farnsworth Audio. Working with him makes the audio journey fun during the process of determining what you might be looking for. He listens first, then offers ideas, equipment recommendations, and even discusses future goals for your system. He addresses the unique issues and questions quickly to find the best results for you. Mike is among the rare few individuals you meet along the audio journey that makes it all worthwhile."


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